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About Myself

julie_morris Starting with Ms. Manners in 1999, Julie taught etiquette in northern Nevada helping hundreds of young people become confident and courteous, and received a Best of Small Business Award for Innovation from the Reno Gazette Journal. Deciding to take the subject of etiquette to a wider audience, Julie attended the Emily Post Institute of Etiquette in 2015, and became a Business Etiquette Consultant to coach the many disciplines for creating a successful image.

Etiquette Equation was established after acknowledging the growth of new business in the northern Nevada area. Being aware that behavior in society affects how others perceive us, Julie prepares you to present your most positive and professional image. Incorporating essential advice, from ethical business issues to workplace civility, digital dilemmas, networking, basic table manners, gifts, and dress and grooming, etiquette will help complete the equation for success.

Whether at work or out and about, your manners say a lot about you. Etiquette Equation provides critical tools for building solid, productive relationships, and helps you meet the challenges of the business world with confidence and poise. With a background in training and public speaking for the UNLV School of Dentistry, American Cancer Society, community volunteer, and business owner, Julie works with clients in a personalized fashion with the goal of helping hundreds of businesses in putting their best foot forward.

Half-day seminars available, and are tailored to your needs.