Whenever two people come together and their behavior affects one another, you have etiquette.

When people hear the term “etiquette” they think it a somewhat dated and even irrelevant concept. According to Inc. magazine, however, etiquette is “essential” for business. Knowing key business etiquette rules can help you look your best in the business world. Etiquette, in simplest terms, is being considerate and respectful of others’ feelings. Etiquette is not some rigid code of manners, and it’s not just about the fork.

Business etiquette is a set of standards for behavior in which individuals treat everyone respectfully and display good manners in all interactions. When everyone displays professional manners, it helps the company's bottom line. People like others who have good manners, and companies can create loyal customers with the right business etiquette. Taking business etiquette seriously in your company will help prevent misunderstandings and foster communication that is clear and honest. At Etiquette Equation we help you foaster success at work.

According to the Emily Post, the equation goes like this: Etiquette = Manners + Principles. As in any equation, all parts are necessary to make it work. The manners are the tools or skills that you use to show the principles that are the foundation of etiquette: respect, consideration, and honesty. You will come away with the tools to implement your advantage in business using etiquette.

Etiquette Equation has programs for business, college graduates readying for the workforce, and young people ages 4 through 17. Good manners are all about being considerate of other people’s feelings. The key is developing habits that last a lifetime and that set you apart from the crowd.